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Soundmaster T Too Much Booty Zippy

Everybody, gather aroundIt's the T about to throw downIf you don't know who I am,I'm tha fool who makes you jam!Now it's time for you to partyFeel the rhythm in yo' bodyI got somethin' fo' yo' soulShake that booty, make it roll!Work it work it ain't no stoppin'Keep on keep on keep on rockin'Twist that booty 'round and 'roundBring it on down!Bring it on down!If you are a sexy cutieAnd you got a big ole bootyCome on baby, come on danceWith too much booty in yo' pants

Soundmaster T Too Much Booty Zippy

Come on, party people, don't stopWe gon' take it straight to tha topToo much booty in yo' pantsPut the fellas in a tranceYo, fellas lemme hear you say yeah!(Fellas: YEAH!)You like a big booty, say yeah!(Fellas: YEAH!)All you ladies in the house say yeah!(Ladies: YEAH!)If you got the big booty say yeah!(Ladies: YEAH!)


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