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Jet Get Born Zip 26

All persons who operate vessels powered by a motor over 15 horsepower and who were born on or after January 1, 1983, must take and pass a boater education course or proficiency exam. The course exam must be one that is approved by NDOW.

Jet Get Born Zip 26

Carson Lee Bigbee (1895-1964) was born in Oregon, the youngest of three boys. His parents were teachers and all three children were gifted athletes. Bigbee's comparatively small size and speed on the field earned him the nickname "Skeeter" in high school. Professional baseball teams took notice, but he followed his brothers to the University of Oregon. Skeeter Bigbee joined the professional leagues in 1916 and was picked up by the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the off-season, he worked in the Portland shipyards. He was drafted for military service in World War I, and joined the U.S. Army's Coast Artillery Corps, as a private, in 1918. After the war, he finished his professional baseball career with the Pirates in 1926 and he, and his family, made Portland home for many years. He died October 17, and is buried in Section T, Site 3269.


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