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Rare Battle Pets In Stonetalon Mountains ~REPACK~

A few things to remember: Unless the pet is lvl 25, the system will divide the XP equaly among the pets in the group. So if you want to get 2 up quickly, try techniques that allow you to use those 2 pets against teams of 2 or 3. Keep in mind as you battle you will come across other pets around the same level, and you want a diversity of these families, so catch a few to diversify your selection when it comes to battling trainers. If your having trouble in an area, check your collection and see if you have pets that are strong against the ones your currently fighting. If your leveling over a period of a few days, each day you can go back and re-fight the trainers form the day before to gain additonal XP, as you recieve alot of xp from trainer fights, and this strategy plays a key role at Higherlevels when your power leveling low pets quickly. Try to stay within 3 levels of each tamers pets. When you get battle stones, dont use them on pets you can find in the wild, instead use them on pets that can be traded. You can always hunt a rare version of wild pets, but most vendors only offer uncomon quality pets. As your working your way from area to area, be sure to stop and fight some of the pets you encounter to raise your levels.

rare battle pets in stonetalon mountains


Merda Stronghoof is standing by with Ambershell, Bounder, and Rockhide. You should have two lvl 9 pets by now, although lvl 10 is best. Most of these trainers have plenty of pets surrounding them to battle and raise your pets levels. There is a stabl emaster near Merda, and also in shadowprey village. Once youve defeated her, its time to move towards the Southern Barrens.

Stone Cold Trixxy is going to be the hardest trainer you will come across up to now. She has Blizzy, Frostmaw, and Tinygos on her team. The diversity in her pets and thier spells can be very daunting, so be sure you have two level 19's and one 20 on your team, and you should defeat her easily. Once shes down, you will complete the Kalimdor achievement. Now you can battle these tamers in dailies also. I would recomend returning to grind them to gain a little Xp boost and start in on your Reward Bags. 350c69d7ab


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