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Working script on Destruction Simulator, very simple, no menu, with only one function - Infinite Money. It is enough to activate the script, and in a couple of minutes you will have a lot of money in your account. Destruction Simulator is a popular Roblox game that was developed by user silky_dev in 2018. In the few years of its existence, it has been visited more than 450 million times, and 2.5 million gamers have thrown the simulator into their favorites. In this game, your main task is to destroy objects. The mode includes extensive locations in which the hero gains experience, slowly gaining currency by destroying buildings and cars. All the loot accumulated during bombings, the character collects in his backpack, and then all the collected goods are changed at an online store for guns, mortars, rifles, bazookas, etc. In general, fans of shooting will really appreciate the range of weapons hidden in the store, thanks to the script you can immediately buy any weapon in this game.


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Why? For the same reason I occasionally fire up GTA V- there simply is no better chaos/ destruction simulator out there. The GTA games (right from the start) do an excellent job of presenting a city-wide simulation- a playground for you to wreak total (and satisfying) havoc. I would also argue that GTAs I-II are actually far more gleeful in their depiction of total carnage than the later 3D versions (ex- starting a chain reaction of exploding cars in traffic, setting pedestrians on fire as part of an in-game challenge (after which they run around screaming and setting fire to other people/ cars, etc)) 041b061a72


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