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[S6E13] The Signal

The strain and hatred within the Lothbrok siblings seem to not leave as deception and conspiracy keeps following them. Following Vikings Season 6 Part 1, Hvitserk has been sweet-talked by Prince Oleg, making him an attendee to him. Meanwhile, Prince Dir is on the move assigning Ivar to convey Prince Igor to Novgorod. Ivar is to receive a dagger as a signal to the spirit away from Kiev. Now, as things stand, Ivar is being pushed away by Prince Oleg while he conducts several meetings with his brother, Hvitserk. Ivar waits for Hvitserk, and this forms a clash between attitude and pride. Hvitserk finally starts feeling valued while Ivar is still clutching on his pride. This conversation takes a turn as both trade blows, which eventually turns to a one-sided beat down.

[S6E13] The Signal

It's Election Day in Kattegat and all eyes are on the voting. But strangers arriving at the harbor may force an unexpected outcome. Meanwhile, Ivar receives the signal from Prince Dir that his forces are ready to challenge Oleg.

Leonardo gets lost following a distress signal while Krang invents a "Hyper-Thruster". Krang tries to blow the Earth off its axis and melt the ice. The Technodrome is not at the bottom of the sea, but is at the North Pole

Throughout the episode, numbers appear on ordinary objects counting down from 50 to 1. This is a countdown from the beginning of the episode to the eventual bad news, which is told right after the "1" is shown. As the final scene of the episode closes, a parking meter is in the background displaying a red "expired" state. The countdown was an idea taken from the 1988 film Drowning by Numbers; through the course of that film, the numbers 1 to 100 appear in order, sometimes seen in the background, and sometimes spoken by the film's characters.[3] According to Bays, the countdown was used to give an early signal to the audience that something big was about to happen at the end of the episode.[2]

All For One is unconcerned about his team's well-being and wishes to immediately retreat from the chaos, without waiting for Machia's revival or for Himiko to catch up. The Radio Waves emitted earlier were actually a signal calling all remaining Nomus to Shigaraki's side, and the black beasts have finally arrived to transport the remaining Villains (ie: Shigaraki and Spinner) away from harm's reach. Best Jeanist, Nejire Hado, Iida, Mirio, and Shoto do their best to prevent the wicked reunion; even the practically paralyzed Deku finds a gap to land one last Blackwhip blow. However, they are thwarted by their foes, leaving all efforts are futile in the end.

Trapped in the tank, Bill tries to figure out a plan of escape the range. Dale decides to signal the training recruits, only to accidentally fire the tank's main gun, the shell from which destroys the Arlen water tower. Seeing this, the recruits believe the tank to be a drone and target it. But as the group tries to decide what to do next, Dale reveals that the army has pumped Bill full of placebo, which Dale thinks is the name of the experimental drug (DALE: "I think it's made by Puh-fizer."). Hank explains a placebo is a fake drug; Bill was in fact injected with nothing but sugar water. This soon depresses Bill once more, thinking the army did not even want to experiment on him and that his problems really are of his own making. Hank attempts to console Bill, but is left panicking as the shelling is getting closer. Bill decides the three should escape through the escape hatch and into the forest nearby while he drives the tank away to draw the artillery gunner's fire; he assures the group he will escape by tying down the throttle with his boxer shorts.

After their return from the future, S.H.I.E.L.D. made the Lighthouse into their new base. Shortly after, they retrieved a Kree signal beacon from Hydra and brought it to Lighthouse for safekeeping. However, the device was rigged to blow and exploded, killing Noah and destroying all three Di'Allas.[12] The energy of the Creation Di'Alla caused the fears of Humans to manifest in the flesh and haunt them, causing the team to speculate that the Monoliths' explosion has opened a rift to the Fear Dimension. Leopold Fitz constructed a Gravitonium-based device to seal the opening and Phil Coulson volunteered to be the one to take it into the "rift".[17] This created a duplicate of him that was send across space and time on the world where the Di'Allas originated, the very body that was taken over by Pachakutiq and caused Izel to take the Di'Allas to Earth in the first place.[2] 041b061a72


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