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Skyrim Se Realistic Damagel

Mortal Enemies emphasizes realism above all else, making combat much more engaging. It does so by making enemies less precise in their assaults and granting weapons realistic qualities. Therefore, making previously unimportant elements such as placement, timing, and weaponry vastly more prominent. To have the most realistic combat experience in Skyrim, players must have Mortal Enemies.

Skyrim Se Realistic Damagel

Immersive Movement by Zana Daniel seeks to make the movements of all creatures - including the player - realistic. Many of the dramatic motions in Skyrim are irrational, unreasonably extravagant even. While this seems like a trivial issue, it has a detrimental effect on immersion and combat. That is why Zana Daniel implements countless fixes to movements that accurately reflect reality.

Ultimate Combat by tktk aims to make fights much more realistic and consequently much more difficult. Skyrim's AI is by far one of its most unimpressive aspects, so much so that dozens of memes revolve around it. This poor AI is a prominent reason why fights are lackluster and, at times, comical rather than intense. That is why tktk worked tirelessly to revise and build upon Skyrim's existing simplistic AI.

Vigor presents a variety of new mechanics and hindrances meant to inspire caution in players. Enduring too much damage or expending one's stamina can debilitate players. Therefore, garnering more awareness during battles, no matter how small, and thus making them far more exciting. For more realistic and daunting battles, Vigor is a must-have combat mod.

The self-proclaimed 'most realistic damage overhaul you'll find on the whole Nexus,' this mod is a package deal that adds several features to spice up vanilla Fallout combat, optionally with its own AI tweaks. This ranges from an auto-save element to Shotgun knock-back.


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