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In the last month, the EU has been moving towards expanding the Digital Services Act to require more data-sharing from rental companies like Airbnb, and Expedia. The added data sharing obligations would include things like host identity, stricter tax disclosures and safety measures among other things. It would also create stricter host registration requirements to monitor properties and platforms -- something that has been tough to do in the past due to properties routinely being listed in multiple locations. This would create requirements at the platform level for Airbnb to disclose needed information to the EU on a monthly basis.

cool edit pro 2.1 registration crack

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Aside from this, Bos went into some tech advances Meta has made this year like adding Spatial Anchors to enable virtual items to be transfixed in physical worlds and the eye/face tracking upgrades we saw with Quest Pro. There were a couple of cool videos showing some of these technological advancements in the blog post which can be found here.

But still, inflation must come down more, and unfortunately, the job market must show deeper cracks before we get a hawkish pause from the Fed. They don\u2019t care about stock prices, they care about economic sustainability and see inflicting more pain as a necessary evil for securing that sustainability.


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