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Field Trip BrochureIncredible Insects (April-September) Butterflies, bees, and all kinds of bugs are an important part ofnature. Discover what makes them special, and what you can do to supportbiodiversity in your backyard. Then, take to the fields and forest to seehow many insects you can find.Awesome Aquatics(April-September) Discover the different parts of a habitat, andwhat animals need to thrive. Then, borrow nets and see how many lake creaturesyou can catch! Dress for wading.Indian Ladder Trail Tour(June-October) Descend through the entrance of the IndianLadder Trail to view the amazing rock formations, and the forces that shapedthem. This one mile hike offers spectacular views of the valley and mountainsnorth and east.HibernationInvestigation (November-March) Explore mammal skulls and skins to learn aboutthe many adaptations that help them survive in their habitat. Then, take to thetrails to search for signs of wildlife. The hike will be lead on snowshoes,weather permitting.Snowshoeing(January-March)We'll strap on snowshoes and take aninvigorating walk on the trails or in your schoolyard. Learn to look forevidence of animal life while you take in the quiet beauty of winter. Warm,waterproof footwear, and snowpants recommended.AnimalSuperpowers (All Year) Meet some of our animal ambassadors anddiscover the adaptations that help them thrive in their habitat. Then, take ahike to search for some of the amazing plants and animals that call the parkhome.FunWith Fossils (All Year) 400 million years ago, New York was submergedunder a tropical sea! Explore the geological history of the park, and examinefossils of ancient sea creatures.The Connect-Kids-to-ParksGrant Program is designed to connect students in New York State with natureand history. Eachgrant can provide reimbursement for field trips to state and federal parks,forests, historic sites, fish hatcheries, and outdoor recreation areas fordistricts with at least one Title 1 school.Additionalprograms can be designed to meet your group's specific interests. To schedule afield trip or outreach program in your classroom, please call 518-872-0800 oremail

Wildlife Park 2 - Domestic Animals Free Download crack with full game



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