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Capitalism Lab Game Download: Get 3 Classic Games for Free

RealWorld MOD (Service Edition) brings a wealth of new possibilities to your gaming experience, enabling you to operate Pizzerias, Fast Food Shops, Business Shops and Hotels as Service Firms. Not only that but also it provides an entirely upgraded building for the pizzeria along with fresh gameplay mechanics specifically designed for service firms!

capitalism lab game download

Aside from the release version, there is a post-release Beta version contains additional new features but is not yet stable and under testing. If you are interested in trying out the latest set of new features and do not mind playtesting a version that may contain bugs, you may download the Capitalism Lab post-release Beta version from t the following link:

A: The game will be delivered to you via digital download. After ordering Capitalism Lab, you will be provided with a download link to download the game installer. Normally, the entire download process will only take a few minutes with a high speed Internet connection.

A: Capitalism Lab allows users to localize the game text on their own. Thanks to the efforts of the contributors, the user-made translations for Capitalism Lab are now available in the following languages:

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A: All the new features and improvements of Capitalism Lab over Capitalism 2 are detailed on the Capitalism Lab web site and there will be no additional manual PDF file. In the event that there is any information you are seeking about the game and you cannot find it on the web site, you may let us know and we will follow up by providing you with the relevant information.

The game comes with 4 expansions that significantly expand the core game. Subsidiary allows all affiliated companies to hire a CEO, merge companies, etc. The City Economic Simulation addon opens up a political branch in the gameplay. You can create a political party, build cities and manage megacities. The gameplay is as similar to SimCity as you can get. Digital Age focuses on Internet companies and paves the way for young startups. The banking add-on introduces various insurance companies, lenders, investors, etc. into the game.

Junub Games computer developing team is a team of 15 well-experienced members in different fields of game and computer programming and designing. Altogether, the team puts much effort to develop and provide you with the latest and most popular PC games and software.

Capitalism Lab is the latest version in the Capitalism business simulation game series. It lets you build the business empire of your dream. You become a corporate CEO and face real-world challenges as you build a sprawling business empire covering retailing, manufacturing, agricultural business, mining, real estate, media and stock trading! Capitalism Lab improves upon the award-winning Capitalism II with a host of new features and improvements, including new products, realistic simulation of inflation (the first of its kind), greatly enhanced macroeconomic simulation, the ability to build community, sport facilities, and media firms, as well as improved screen resolutions, interfaces, smarter AI, and many other improvements!

Capitalism Lab update 8.1.05 brought services to the Capitalism Lab game for the first time. You will need the Experimental DLC and the Real World Mod (Service edition V12.0) to access the service business within the game. You can find out more about the Experimental DLC in our Capitalism Lab experimental DLC article.

In this guide, I will walk you through the process of creating a custom game with services. I will then take you through the steps of creating a new service company. I will then finish by giving my thoughts on the new gameplay.

If you purchase the game and for whatever reason you want a refund, you may email us at within 48 hours of your purchase to request a refund. We will provide you with a full refund, no question asked.

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Date: 02/2013 Protection: Gone Info: ===== Capitalism Lab is an expansion for Capitalism 2 with a host of new features and improvements, for experienced users of Capitalism 2. If you are new to the Capitalism series, you are recommended to get your hands on Capitalism 2 first, which contains well crafted tutorials for learning the game. You may check out Capitalism 2 web site at

Why is it called Capitalism Lab? The word "Lab" implies that Capitalism Lab, after its initial release, will continue to evolve. Our development team will implement experimental gameplay into it and communicate with the gaming community to get their feedback about the new features and improvements.

Capitalism Lab is an expansion for the Capitalism 2 game with a host of powerful features and improvements. You can pursue the retail strategy of setting up a chain of retail stores and build more stores to expand your business. It also allows you to see the customer traffic index of the area where your retail store is located.

Unlike other demos that are limited in gameplay or content, Capitalism Lab Demo is a fully functional game that includes all of the features of the full version (DLCs not included), allowing you to experience the game without any restrictions during the trial period.

Capitalism Lab is a Stand-alone Expansion pack for Capitalism 2 with new features. It is a Business Simulation with both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. The game is available to play on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS developed by Enlight and published by Ubisoft. It allows the player to create his city by placing different buildings and structures. The player starts the game with an empty land, and his ultimate task is to build a luxury city and earn enough money to become the business tycoon. During the gameplay, the player can build an amusement park, offices, roads, airports, and others. After collecting enough money, he can purchase upgrades, planes, buses and unlock further content to expand his city further and further. Build factories to produce useful goods and sell them in the market at a good price. The game becomes desperate to play, as the player advanced. The Expansion pack includes new scenarios, features, improved graphics, and more. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and multiple modes, Capitalism Lab is the incredible game to play.

Fish Tycoon lets the players be Fish Store owners who is responsible of Breeding and Caring for hundreds of different fish species. Developed by Last Day of Work, Fish Tycoon is a marvelous Single-player Business and Management Simulation. According to the gameplay, Fish Tycoon tasks the players to Care, Pet, Breed and Sell exotic fish types and run a store while serving the customers and keeping the Store economically viable to complete the goals of the game. Players can have various types of fish in the store such as Greenfin Spotanus Fish, Speckled Leaf Fish, Crimson Comet Fish, Orange Snooper Fish, Wasp Grouper Fish, and more. The ultimate goal is to relocate to the Mysterious Island named as Isola, and repopulate the surrounding waters with the extinct species of fish that once swam across the seas. All the fish suddenly disappeared and now the players are tasked to breed and cross breed various fish to have the Magic Fish, the ultimate source of all the Fish in the seas of Isola. The secondary objectives of the game include solving various types of Genetic Puzzles, restoring the fish population to a certain level and make the island the habitat of the most magnificent fish ever.

Tiny Tower is a Single-player Business and Management Simulation developed and published by NimbleBit. The ultimate goal of the game is to build and manage a massive tower, fill it up with virtual people known as Bitzians, keep on building new floors in the tower and eventually make it the tallest building of the world. The player must also be able to assign various types of jobs to the Bitzians and keep them busy. Resource management, and strategically use them is a great responsibility so the players must be good at that. The game offers multiple floors and categorically accommodates the Bitzians onto them based on their importance in the game. For example Ordinary Bitzians would live in lower floors of the tower, however, the Vips live on the higher floors of the towers. Similarly there are various types of Spenders in the tower, including the Big Spenders, Celebrities, etc. There are different types of Bitzians in the game such as Construction Workers, Delivery Men, Real Estate agents, Big Spenders, Celebrities and Dream Workers, etc. Economics in the game are of more interest because that is the easiest way to earn money and spend it on construction material, upgrades and loads of other cool items. With a marvelous game setting, great background sounds and a remarkably addictive gameplay, Tiny Tower is a fun Business and Management video game to play and enjoy.

Airline Tycoon 2 is a mix of Management, Strategy, and Business Simulation developed by B-Alive and published by Kalypso Media Digital. The game offers you a chance to navigate the realistic airports from New York to Moscow with superb traveling conditions and passenger volumes. It cast you in the role of the CEO of an international Airport and assigned your task to design your planes. Start off with a small airline company and grow higher and higher by expanding your business further and further. Manage your air company, design unique planes, offers all facilities to your customers and keep them happy to earn lots of money. Transport passenger to their desired locations and collect money from them. Upgrade your planes, airports and navigate the world to become the master. Compete against rival competitors and defeat them by snatching their clients, offering the best services. Test your management skills and become the best business tycoon. Random Events, Challenging Business Environment, four different Avatars, and more. Try it out for ultimate fun.


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