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Marmalade Boy Episode 14 [BEST]

The world is in "the largest financial shock since the Great Depression", says the International Monetary Fund, so this weekend leading finance ministers brought out their best sticking plasters. Meeting in Washington to discuss the outlook for the global economy (a conversation that must have had all the breezy optimism of an episode of Holby City), the G7 industrial nations came up with proposals that were encouraging rather than convincing, technical rather than root and branch, and that certainly will not go far enough.

Marmalade Boy Episode 14

Marmalade Boy is a Japanese anime series based on the manga by Wataru Yoshizumi. The series aired from March 13, 1994 to September 3, 1995 with a total of seventy-six episodes. On March 4, 1995, a short film was released and acts as a prequel to the anime.

Tokyopop released the English dubbed version of Marmalade Boy from 2002 to 2005 under the title, "Ultimate Scrapbook." Tokyopop later lost the license to the first twenty-four episodes, and now the anime is out of print. 041b061a72


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