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[BETTER] Real Lifecam Leora And Paul ((EXCLUSIVE))

The fight started because paul as always has a stupid jokes of banging in leora ass, she hates it, today he was playing to kick her ass, she asked 4 times for him to stop, and playing pretended to punch him, and embraced him, but then he gave three slaps on her ass, and she was angry, and went near him, until that point was all in fun Valentine.

[BETTER] Real Lifecam Leora And Paul

Tripa2005, you are wrong about leora depend on paul If you accompany them since joining, will know that leora always worked, and paul always stayed home, in the last five months was when paul returned to the barracks, and ran out leora employment. Leora not want his money, on the contrary for 1 year and 8 months was leora who supported paul, tired of seeing him asking her money to go to work.


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