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Mass Effect Hair Modl

From time to time EDI comments about things not specific to missions Shepard has just undertaken. In one, EDI tells Shepard that she is impressed with their continued existence because the probability of anyone surviving as long as they have is quite low. In another, she tells Shepard about one of her discussions with Liara regarding the possibility of the mass effect phenomenon in other universes. EDI goes on to theorize a bit before asking Shepard about their opinion, to which Shepard awkwardly answers that they will get back to her on that.

Mass Effect Hair Modl

Background: Urea is a natural protein degradation product widely used in keratolytic preparations due to its property to promote fibrinogen decomposition and to act as a proteolytic agent dissolving and denaturing proteins. Preparations containing 20% or 40% urea in commercial ambiphylic bases are widely used to produce keratolysis. At such high concentration urea recrystallization occurs and is separated over the preparation mass, particularly if the urea content is 40%. This was the initial reason to look for a new preparation formulation that would not have the above-mentioned technological inadequacy. Considering urea's water solubility and its high content in the preparations, the most convenient form, in which recrystallisation would not occur, was gel. The aim of this work was to experimentally estimate the influence of the vehicle upon the proteolytic effect of urea on keratin in the human hair model.

Conclusion: Keratin proteolysis effects of urea incorporated into various bases, as measured by human hair disruption forces, depended upon the base; preparations containing 20% and 40% urea in Basiscreme (ambiphylic base) had no desired proteolytic effect upon keratin fibers; proteolysis was best expressed bay urea preparations in 3.5% NaCMC gel, and proteolytic effect of these preparations was best expressed in the first hour.

k12: Absorption rate constant; CL/F: apparent drug clearance; Vc and Vh: apparent volume of distribution in the central and hair compartments, respectively; Frac amount of drug cleared into the hair as a proportion of the amount of drug in plasma at steady-state troughs; FACTOR_ Frac: effect of covariate on Frac; ɛADD and ɛPROP: additive and proportional error terms, respectively; σ: residual error; SE: standard error. *: reference group

k12: Absorption rate constant; CL/F: apparent drug clearance; Vc and Vh: apparent volume of distribution in the central and hair compartments, respectively; Frac: amount of drug cleared into the hair as a proportion of the amount of drug in plasma; FACTOR_ Frac: effect of covariate on Frac; ɛADD and ɛPROP: additive and proportional error terms, respectively; σ: residual error; SE: standard error. *: reference category

A large variety of over the counter products claim to treat hair loss pathology. This multibillion dollar, worldwide market of hair tonics, hair balms, hair masks, shampoos, leave in conditioners, topical solutions or foams function as potential anti-hair loss agents [51]. However, in most of the cases, clinical studies do not prove how these doubtful hair growth-promoters exert their expected effects of ceasing hair loss and enhancing hair regrowth [51].

To further investigate the hair growth promoting effect of a certain substance, the histopathological examination offers a precise and necessary evaluation tool for hair regrowth. Usually, at the end of the treatment period, the rats are sacrificed and a skin biopsy is isolated in order to examine the histological features. The skin thickness and hair follicles localization in the dermis/subcutis can be evaluated by microscopic photograph (magnification 400). Taking into consideration the existent knowledge about hair cyclicity, the anagen induction is calculated with the formula: (number of follicles in subcutis)x100( number of follicles in dermis). Previous microscopical studies on animals showed an association of increasing skin thickness, follicle count and macroscopic development of skin pigmentation with anagen induction [26,31].

The hair growing effect of Minoxidil has been accidentally discovered, as this antihypertensive oral drug, caused side effects such as increasing hair growth on the scalp or even darkening the fine body hairs. The 2% topical formulation was approved by the FDA in the 1990s for use in treating androgenetic alopecia in men (for central/vertex hair loss only) and in females as well (in female pattern hair loss) [59]. The 5% formulation is allowed only for males and the foam version is associated with 70% self-reported improvement.

Finasteride is considered a dihydrotestosteron-suppressing 5 alfa-reductase inhibitor, recommended for male use only, in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. It acts by decreasing the serum levels of dihydrotestosteron, stopping hair fall (in 48% of the cases) and stimulating hair regrowth (in 51% of the cases). Studies showed that 1 mg Finasterid oral treatment has a similar efficacy as daily topical Minoxidil application on the scalp, but their efficacy is seen after at least 4 months of daily usage [67,68]. These two treatments can be combined in order to boost the hair follicles, but both treatments must be performed a-la-longue, if not, the hair regrowth effect will cease. Adverse reactions are rare, still sexual dysfunctions were reported in 4% of the cases [69,70].

In order to avoid this effect, some scientists do not shave the tested area of the animal model before each daily therapy. It has been also proved that physical factors influence the hair regrowth process: temperature triggers fast regrowth after shaving.

The no-hair theorem was originally formulated for black holes within the context of a four-dimensional spacetime, obeying the Einstein field equation of general relativity with zero cosmological constant, in the presence of electromagnetic fields, or optionally other fields such as scalar fields and massive vector fields (Proca fields, etc.).[citation needed]

Plica Polonica also known as Plica neuropathica is a rare disorder of hair shaft that presents as matted hair, which are entangled to form a sticky mass. It gets the name Plica Polonica due to its high prevalence in poland in the 19th century. In Poland, Plica Polonica was seen very commonly due to deficient care of the hair as well as Polish custom of wearing tight fur caps and some other superstitions. The scalp hair has been a prime target of superstitious beliefs all over the world. In some cultures it is believed that unhealthy scalp and hair actually improves internal health. In India, it is a common religious custom to raise a plica or have long locks as an offering to God or to have divine image in the public. Plica Polonica may be caused due to external factors; however, those with religious beliefs towards formation of Plica Polonica deliberately create the irregular scalp hair mass by applying wax, tar, camphor, ash or some herbal mixtures. This article explains the clinical features, symptoms, causes and treatment of Plica Polonica.

Plica Polonica appears as compact or solid mass of scalp hair with irregular twists. The hair is irreversibly entangled to form plaits. The hair plaits get very hard over time as the keratin mass gets cemented together with dirt and exudates. The scalp hairs have matted appearance that is impenetrable. Plica Polonica is also known as birds nest due to its resemblance to irregular twists of a nest.

The treatment of Plica Polonica begins once the diagnosis of hair matting is confirmed on the basis of appearance of twisted hair mass and careful examination of scalp. Trichoscopy may be used to detect hair twisting, formation of hard keratin mass and, nits and lice infestations.

This work presents a simple, stable and fast hair simulation system for interactive graphics applications whose CPU budget for hair simulation is small. Our main contribution is a hair-head collision method that has very little CPU cost and simulates the volumetric effect of hair resting on top of each other without the need for hair-hair collision. We also present a simulation-based hair styling method for end-users. This easy to use method produces hair styles for the whole head, and it is particularly suitable for abstract and exotic styles. It is applicable for video games in which avatars can be customized by the user.

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